You can read the books our campers are reading this summer and when you purchase books through our links, we receive a small percentage!

The novels we have carefully chosen for Summer 2019 Brainfeeding are: 

  • Forest World: Campers explore cultural identity and conservation in this poetic novel about two middle school-aged siblings separated by immigration policies. Edver lives in Miami and Luza lives in Cuba–but a call to protect their sacred forest brings them together for the summer.
  • Fuzzy Mud: What’s the impact that human invention has on nature? Campers explore this question and others in this science fiction novel about a mysterious bioengineered chemical invading a small town with “fuzzy mud.”
  • Julie of the Wolves: What happens when middle school-aged Julie runs away from an arranged marriage and has to survive on her own in the wilderness of Alaska? She learns the ways of the wolf. Campers immerse themselves in Julie’s journey of personal transformation, finding strength and belonging in the outdoors.

Buy a Book for a Camper

This year, we would love to give fresh copies of the novels we’ll read to the campers to take home and reinforce their love of reading.