Our Leadership

Dr. Tyfahra Singleton

Dr. Tyfahra “Wakanda” Singleton

Executive Director

Tyfahra got her first taste of outdoor adventure on her Extra-Day Trips while attending the Thacher School, in Ojai California. There she fumbled asthmatically though switchbacks, bugs and even moderate hypothermia eagerly waiting to get back to civilization. It took a lot of practice to get comfortable backpacking in the outdoors when she had grown up in South Central, Los Angeles and had never been camping before. It wasn’t until her month long trip with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) that Tyfahra found her stride in the backcountry. She attended Oberlin College and the graduate program in Comparative Literature at University of California, Berkeley. While at Cal, Tyfahra discovered her love of teaching as an award-winning instructor and lecturer in undergraduate literature and composition courses for eight years.

Dr. Tyfahra Singleton

Jada "Moonchild" Williams

Program Manager

As a recent graduate from Cal State East Bay, Jada received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in human development. She has always had a passion to work with youth. But it wasn’t until she began working with Camp Phoenix that she realized her true purpose in life. Born and raised in Oakland, Jada acknowledges her personal connection with the campers served at Camp Phoenix. During the year, Jada serves as a program assistant and academic coach for another nonprofit organization where she gets to work in the classroom each day with middle school students.


Danae "Rainbow" Griffin

Development Manager

Bookworm and beach lover, Danae felt right at home her first year at Camp Phoenix. Though it was her first time working directly with youth, her values in equity, empathy, and education aligned well with camp values. Born and raised in Hayward, California, her mom often took her to Garin Park on the weekends to hike and fly kites. Even when she is not always active in nature, she enjoys the healing powers of the outdoors. Danae earned her Bachelor’s degree in Feminist Studies and a minor in LGBTQ Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara. Her education has given her a social justice lens and toolbox that she always keeps handy.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Camp Phoenix is a nonprofit organization that relies on our Board of Directors to provide strategic guidance and support throughout the year so all our programs remain top-notch. The Board also runs our committees, which include dedicated volunteers and help us tackle challenging and exciting tasks year-round to keep us growing strong. The Board meets frequently from January to July to make sure our organization stays full of joy, love and opportunity. 

Sarah Schuppisser

Sarah "She-Ra" Schuppisser

Board Chair

Jacqueline Soohoo

Jacqueline "Mulan" Soohoo

Director of Programs & Partnerships, Mindful Life Project

Allison Slater

Allison "A-Slay" Slater

Director of People Development, TripActions

Adriana Guerrero

Adriana Guerrero

Associate Director, Brown Girls Surf
Board Secretary

Galen Wilson

Galen "Buffalo" Wilson

VP of Public and Infrastructure Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs

Maria Antonia Hernandez

Maria Antonia "Lucuma" Hernandez

Lead PM of Consumer IoT Strategy Group, Target

Anayvette Hernandez

Anayvette "Sprinkles" Hernandez

Cofounder, Radical Monarchs

Judith Kulich

Judith "Wolf" Kulich

Managing Partner, ZS

Kathleen Harris

Kathleen Harris

Development Director, San Mateo County Community Colleges Foundation

Our Advisory Board 

James Paek

James "Rafiki" Paek

Head of People, Next Insurance

Ellen Bozzo

Ellen "Roar" Bozzo

Independent Financial Consultant

Roger Tsai

Roger "Mr. Hat" Tsai

Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy, Bank of America